Tracey Lovejoy
Instructor: Tracey Lovejoy (Catalyst Constellations & Lovejoy Consulting)

Saturday, 9 November, 9:00am–12:00pm
College Building Room 346, 2 College Street—map
35 participants, fee: $100
Pre-registration required: HOW TO REGISTER


Researchers are inherently change agents. You identify opportunities for optimization and innovation for your teams and organizations. You identify opportunities for change. You take steps to drive that change forward. And although your organization has asked this of you, a common companion to driving change is resistance. This tutorial explores how to manage resistance to change to maximize your success.

Participants will learn and practice:

  • 5 tips for managing resistance to change
  • Building a plan to manage resistance you are facing or have faced
  • Articulating your plan and receiving feedback from peers that also experience resistance
  • What research has to say about attributes that make change agents most successful

During this interactive session, participants will work on articulating their vision for change, mapping support and resistance within their own network and receiving helpful ideas from their fellow attendees. 


  • Participants should bring examples of current resistance they are experiencing, or have experienced in their past.
  • There will be a light reading assignment to be completed before the tutorial.


Tracey Lovejoy is the co-founder of EPIC, an anthropologist, and a longtime amplifier of Catalysts. For many years she drove innovation at Microsoft by connecting designers and engineers to the needs of their customers and managing teams to catalyze change. Today Tracey is a coach for change makers. She’s supported Catalysts and their teams in a wide variety of large organizations, such as Amazon, Facebook, Steelcase, Microsoft, Intel, Vodafone, and Redfin. She also works with individual movers and shakers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners across many industries including healthcare, education, technology, professional services, retail, and food service. She also teaches the EPIC Course “Maximizing Your Impact as a Change Agent”.

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