Monday, November 11, 8–9:00 in Market Square Tent

Everyone is welcome—join us for breakfast!

Whether we’re on the job market, advancing internally in our organizations, or pitching to clients, we all need to be able to present our skills and accomplishments effectively. This session is designed to give you thoughtful, candid feedback from a range of peers on the artifacts you use to represent yourself professionally —portfolio, resume, or case study. Just bring a printed copy of your materials to breakfast and we’ll assemble you in small discussion groups facilitated by EPIC members with experience creating and evaluating research portfolios.

If you need help with getting started on a research portfolio, check out this guide.

NOTE: this is not a recruiting event.


Matthew Bernius, Lead User Researcher, Measures for Justice; EPIC2019 Networking Coordinator

Tamara Hale, Research Strategy Manager, Workday

Evan Hanover, Director of Research, Conifer Research

Abbas Jaffer, UX Researcher, Facebook

April Jeffries, Global President, Ipsos

Tracey Lovejoy, Co-founder, Catalyst Constellations; EPIC co-founder

Dawn Nafus, Senior Research Scientist, Intel; EPIC2018 co-chair

Rebekah Park, Manager, ReD Associates

Gemma Petrie, Principal User Researcher, Mozilla

Shelley Sather, Research & Innovation Consultant