Gallery Hours:
Monday, November 10, 10:30am–6:00pm
Tuesday, November 11, 9:00am–4:00pm

Gallery installations evoke multimodal experiences of ethnographic practice—written, oral, visual, three-dimensional, interactive, critical, reflective. These creative projects offer conference attendees diverse experiences of agency and ethnography. Stay tuned for more details about the installations and creators. Installations are selected by our Gallery Committee through anonymous review.


hi how r u: A Toolkit for Digital Expression
Erin Ryan Carnegie (Mellon University)

The Ethno-graphic Sensibility
Jamie McPike (American Institutes for Research) & Diana Graizbord (University of Georgia)

Socially Informed Policy and Planning for AV Mobility in Rhode Island
Kate Fisher (3×3)

Vær: On Place, Weather, Being, and Agency
Erica Kowsz (University of Massachusetts) & Hunter Styles

Agency via Avatar Emotions in Virtual Reality
Ayfer Gokalp (Facebook) & Jacqueline Pospisil (Oculus)

Office Humour
James O’Neill, Francesco Pini & Frauke Hein (Fjord)

What Are Memories Made of?
Hema Malini Waghray (

Daria Loi (Intel) & Heather McGeachy (DAT)

Interactive Storytelling: Bringing Personas to Life through an AR/VR Experience
Idil Berkan, Amy Lasater-Wille & Alan Finch (Oliver Wyman Studio)

Density Done Right: Co-designing Walkable, Sustainable, and Equitable Communities through Digital and Analog Mediums of Public Engagement
Brian Strawn (University of Hawaii), Alisa Weinstein (Google), Rebecca Buck (Forge Studio) & Karla Sierralta (University of Hawaii)

Where Does Cancer Live Now?
Rebekah Park & Jacob McAuliffe (ReD Associates)